Sunday, August 9, 2020

ABC Claims National Parks Are Racist

These trying times have nudged many Americans to seek solace and refuge among nature – one of the only places you’re not harassed about wearing a mask. However, competing in the media right now is COVID-19 and the racial tensions since the death of George Floyd. But the media has taken it one step further by making everything a matter of race – in fact, even our national parks are racist. That’s right. Left-wing news outlet ABC is now promoting America’s national parks as being a product of systemic racism. How can an area of earth with no man-made constructs be a racist entity? Well, according to ABC News, the nation’s 419 national parks “remain overwhelmingly white” due to the number of white visitors compared to those of color. It seems that uninhabited land has the power to lure whichever race it prefers, causing an outrage among minorities who feel the parks are not “safe enough to experience it,” as mother Lauren Gay, who chronicles her experiences as a woman of color on her blog and podcast “Outdoorsy Diva,” claims. Bears may be a safety concern, but only because they don’t discriminate. Joel Pannell, associate director of the Sierra Club, an organization hoping to encourage diversity in natural spaces, explained to ABC News, “The outdoors and public lands suffer from the same systemic racism that the rest of our society does.” David Vela, acting director of the National Park Service – and the first Latino to lead the agency – said in response to the data, “That tells me we’ve got a lot of work to do.” However, plenty of taxpayer money has gone into the attempts to diversify our national parks by marketing to non-white communities, training staff on racial sensitivity, and purposefully hiring rangers from non-white backgrounds, according to ABC News. Still, these efforts have made only minimal improvements in bringing people of color into national parks. Could it be that national parks have nothing to do with systemic racism and more to do with interest and proximity? Fox News host Tucker Carlson couldn’t believe the leap ABC News and their liberal followers made. “ABC, we learn, doesn’t like the color of the people who live near national parks or who visit them. So wait, who is the racist here?” Carlson also said the acting director of the National Park Service should be fired for believing that the “persistent whiteness” of national parks is an “existential crisis.” The media has now officially made everything about race, even when it is obvious there is no racism present. Parks are national treasures open to the public to enjoy God’s creation, unload some stress, and get a breath of fresh air – they are not places for politics! If you want to find something to be upset about bad enough, you’ll find it whether it’s Bigfoot or systemic racism. But rest assure you can check out Yellowstone, Redwood State Park, or Denali National Park without finding either.

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