Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Rep. Jerry Nadler Denies Any BLM Violence Via Antifa

We’ve been watching Antifa elements supporting the BLM political movement wreaking havoc in city after city, from Portland to New York City.

But despite this, despite the reality of, at this point, perhaps thousands of videos showing what’s going on, House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler (Delusional-NY) denied reality.

Reporter Austen Fletcher, known as “Fleccas,” approached Nadler and asked him about Antifa violence. According to Nadler, that’s a D.C. “myth.”

“It is true. There’s violence across the whole country,” Fletcher said. “Do you disavow the violence from Antifa that’s happening in Portland right now? There’s riots—”

“That’s a myth that’s being spread only in Washington, D.C.,” Nadler claimed without evidence.

“About Antifa in Portland?” Fletcher pressed.

“Yes—” Nadler once again claimed without evidence.

So none of us are actually seeing what we think we’re seeing, according to Nadler.

Imagine. This guy is one of the most powerful Democrats in Washington and yet he’s so intent on denial as to ignore all reality. Because he’s denying it’s reality, he also is not condemning the violence which was what Fleccas asked him about. This isn’t the first time he’s said this either, as we reported about a month ago.

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