Monday, December 30, 2019

Rough men versus soft lawyers

When it comes to President Trump's thinking about the Navy's strange
prosecution of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher and some other SEALs, this
quote from George Orwell comes to mind: "We sleep soundly in our beds
because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those
who would do us harm."

Yes, our Navy SEALs, Delta Force operators, Army Rangers and Special
Forces are very rough men who take exception to the beheading of
innocents and to putting pilots in cages and setting fire to them. In
fact, our rough men, who reek of macho-male toxicity, have been
visiting violence on those who would do us harm.

That, however, did not sit well with some female lawyers inside the
Navy's JAG Corps who decided our rough men should be brought to heel.
Apparently, thinking the ends justify the means, they got NCIS
investigators to coach and shape the testimony of interviewees. They
used malware to listen in on discussions between Chief Petty Officer
Gallagher and his lawyer. They hid a video clearing Gallagher of
murder. And when a Navy Corpsman, under a grant of immunity, confessed
that he killed the POW, not Gallagher, they pressed the case anyway.
The presiding judge had to admonish the prosecutors for misconduct.

Then, after Gallagher was tried under the Uniform Code of Military
Justice (UCMJ) by a jury of his peers and acquitted of all charges
except for posing in a photo showing a dead terrorist, the Navy tried
to give the team of prosecutors Navy Medals of Achievement for losing
their case-in-chief. Is it any wonder that these antics drew the
attention of the Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces?

When the admiral in charge of the Navy's special operations decided to
make an example of the acquitted Gallagher by convening a board to
deprive Gallagher of his treasured Trident symbol of his SEAL-hood,
President Trump had more than enough of the nonsense, tweeting that
the Navy would not deprive Gallagher of his Trident.

Apparently, the civilian Secretary of the Navy was not familiar with
Article II of the U.S. Constitution and the powers granted to the
President as Commander-in-Chief. He also made the mistake of going
around his immediate boss, the Secretary of Defense, trying to cut a
phony deal with the White House staff. A deal that would let the Navy
hold the review panel, for the sake of appearances; however, it would
be foreordained that Gallagher would not lose his Trident.

Now, there's a real scheme to undermine "good order and discipline" in
our military. The Secretary of Defense (not President Trump) fired the
Secretary of the Navy for violating the chain-of-command, not to
mention his dishonest cockamamie scheme.

Of course, all this was lost upon the Democrat's presidential
candidates and their handmaidens in the mainstream hate-Trump media.

Memo to President Trump: Screen future appointees using this question:
"When the President says jump, what do you reply?" Only appoint those
who know the correct answer. And what is the lesson our rough men will
draw from all this? Your Commander-in-Chief has your back. Go visit
even more violence on those who would do us harm.

©2019. William Hamilton.


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