Monday, July 9, 2018

Projection - Today's New Word

If you want to know what the left has been engaging in, just look at the terms they use to describe you.  If they call you a liar, you can bet they’ve been lyin’ a’plenty. There is not a perfect word used to describe this type of hypocrisy, but “projection” is the word now in use to describe it.

One of the most telling of descriptors the left uses to describe President Trump is a “dictator”, a “tyrant,”, a “fascist.” The folks have absolutely no idea what fascism is, but from their past association with Obama, they know what dictator and a tyrant is. Obama was the epitome. There are many, many examples of him making law-- vs upholding the law-- and of him defying court orders. He took over the role of the legislature and to the extent he could, the judiciary. This is the definition of dictatorship. Thus, they call President Trump and his supporters fascist—when they really mean dictatorship. Projection again!

And was Obama a dictator? His administration ran over Congress by failure to defend the Defense of Marriage Act they had passed, and through numerous Executive Orders on matters that should have been passed by Congress. He defied Federal Court orders allowing oil drilling in the Gulf, prompting Judge Feldman to state, “… provides the court with clear and convincing evidence of the government’s contempt.” And his role as “Liar in Chief” was solidified in his explanation of the Benghazi murders.

President Trump is not a dictator or tyrant. And Mussolini would be irate for anyone calling President Trump a fascist. One of his major Constitutional duties is to ensure the laws  be faithfully executed.  He does an excellent job in this area. His predecessor was a tyrant and deserves a failing grade in his role of ensuring all laws are faithfully executed.

Charles K. Misak

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