Thursday, January 11, 2018

Looking For A Few Good Men

A society that won’t let boys be boys will pay a price in the end.

By Angela Rocco DeCarlo
When my three sons were growing up, I imagined their future wives would be grateful to me. I raised my boys to cook for themselves, wash their own clothes, type and do everything I then thought necessary to lead a civilized life. Hilarious. I actually could picture those darling little girls lining up to thank me. Probably because I had wanted daughters. Now that my boys are grown, let me tell you: God knew what he was doing sending a gang of brothers. They’re easier and less expensive to dress.

The world needs good men. Yet these days there isn’t much appetite for allowing boys the full exercise of their interests. Most boys don’t want etiquette lessons. They want to go camping, learn to survive in the forest and do other adventuresome things. Luckily an all-male enterprise existed—the Boy Scouts—whose function was to help boys become competent men. Now they are opening the ranks to girls.

Even the military has apparently succumbed to the fashionable idea that there are no differences between the sexes. In some places they’re taking it further. California, where I live, now offers birth certificates with a third option, neither boy nor girl. They call it “nonbinary.”I’m worried. I’m not “concerned,” which has supplanted the more honest term. I’m worried. How could Americans, the vast majority of whom surely don’t adhere to these notions, have allowed things to get so irrational?

The world needs strong men. Without them, who will protect the “village” from enemies? Years ago our cousin’s little boy wanted to wear nothing but military gear. At family parties he ran around in his camouflage and helmet having a grand time. Today he’s a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army—a good man serving his country.

My friend married a man with artistic talent. But developing it always came second to being a good husband and providing for the family. Only now that he’s retired from his retail career is he winning prizes at local art shows with his beautiful paintings.

It is wonderful that women today have so many opportunities to do and be what they want, and no one gets fired by nuns from a teaching job, as I was, for being married and three months pregnant. Even pregnant students are safe from dismissal. But why must we pretend that men and women are the same or that masculinity is the problem?

As part of a September forum on the First Amendment, teachers at York High School in Elmhurst, Ill., displayed an American flag on the floor of the school library. They said they wanted to teach students to deal with their feelings about the national anthem protests in pro football. Local veterans visited the school and respectfully scooped up the abused flag. That’s what good men do.

Maybe all the bad sexual behavior coming to light will remind people how much we need decent men. This is a country with a history of brave, talented and good men. Let them be men.

Ms. DeCarlo formerly covered culture, travel and entertainment for the Chicago Tribune and the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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