Saturday, October 21, 2017


The ‘Legend of the Vampire” is that they once walked the earth as humans, but then traded their souls for a form of immortality.  The lust for human blood or life essence, however, was insatiable because it represented their prior life as humans and their sustenance for the future. 

Vampires have existed in virtually every culture but have their most modern representation in Eastern Europe where the history of Vlad Tepes, who became the ruler of Wallachia, was the model for the horror novel, Dracula.  Unfortunately, the inhumanity and soullessness of vampirism is found far too often in the beings of the left. 

The most recent example is Frederica Wilson, Congresswoman from the Miami, Florida area.  Her inhumanity involved a grieving widow, the President of the United States, and the President’s Chief of Staff.

As the story goes, President Trump made a telephone call to the widow of a soldier killed in a covert operation in Niger.  His purpose was to offer condolences and support, - and prior to doing so he asked his Chief of Staff, former Marine General Kelly, for advice on what to say.

Apparently, Congresswoman Wilson listened in on the conversation and decided to politicize what should of have been a very private and personal moment between the President and the widow.  Instead of a kind act of presidential thanks, Congresswoman Wilson turned it into a political circus.  In doing so, she lost not only her humanity but her soul.

The Congresswoman’s behavior so repulsed Kelly, a gold star father who had lost his son in battle but a few years earlier, that he responded to her behavior with an eloquent and poignant statement that condemned in no uncertain terms the political inhumanity of the Congresswoman.  I commend anyone to read what he said and to put himself or herself in the position of Kelly as a grieving father.

How did the Congresswoman react to Kelly?  She called him a liar, a racist and congratulated herself on now being a “rock star.”  She did not for one minute consider the pain she had inflicted.  Frankly, she rejoiced in it.  This is the lust of a vampire, sucking the very life essence out of all involved, to advance in this case a political position fueled by personal animosity.

To me, these actions by this Congresswoman reflect the great problem with socialism.  The State is more important than the individual, and the ends of the State justify any means no matter how repugnant. 

Congresswoman Wilson has sold her soul but still walks the earth.   Maybe some day she will return to the light and repent of her ways, but if the vampire legends are correct, she will self destruct before that can happen.

By R. Warren

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