Thursday, December 17, 2015

Like many Americans I have lost the confidence in our federal government that I held so dear.  It is clear that virtually all segments of government (elected officials, our leadership and government agencies) have been engaged in systematic deception and prevarication, particularly when it comes to matters of national security, immigration and fiscal management.  Unconstitutional and illegal activity has been led by the renegade Obama administration and the Democrat Party.  However, the GOP leadership has been complicit in foisting a web of lies on the American public.  The rise of Donald Trump’s candidacy for President is, therefore, completely understandable.  Clear thinking and informed Americans feel abandoned and we see no way out except by replacing virtually ALL politicians and management of federal agencies.  Political party affiliation is no longer important.  The balkanization of America will accelerate after the next election if Clinton or a GOP party establishment designee becomes President. The consensus of the governed, I fear, has been permanently damaged.  Young voters, immigrants, and minorities already feel disenfranchised because they have been “brainwashed” in our public schools and universities, news and entertainment media to disavow traditional Judeo-Christian and constitutional values that made our country great.  Separately, the loyal base of American political culture, i.e. middle class and seniors/Baby Boomers, are now enraged by what has been done and not done by our government.  In essence, there is a pervasive degree of disillusionment perhaps never seen before in America.
I wish I was wrong.

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