Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Conservative View on Gay Marriage is Dumb

I'm as conservative as you get; but, I cannot understand the practicality of our position on gay marriage. Setting aside the fact that we are abandoning 6-7% of the electorate virtually in total, there is a way to deal with this issue fairly. First, we all agree that the state has no business interfering in religious matters. Likewise, religious groups can have an opinion but cannot dictate on matters of state ("Render unto Caesar..."). In this regard, the state has every right to govern the issuance of licenses acknowledging and authorizing the "civil union" of couples. It's the use of the word "marriage" that gets everyone bolixed up. Marriage is a religious union, solely under the domain of religions. If couples choose to unite under their religion, then that is a marriage. If they, in turn wish it to be recognized by the state, then it is a civil union licensing procedure. If the civil union process ends up being used by gays, then so be it. It is their right under equal treatment under the law. Many conservatives may not like it, but it coincides with our basic philosophy on fairness and equality. Conservatives should espouse this view adamantly. Who knows, the GOP may pick up a huge block of new voters; and, I am for that.

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