Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Amateurs at the Helm

It is clear from our Administration's actions that neither Obama nor Clinton know anything about foreign relations in a complex world. After all Hillary had absolutely no experience in this field prior to being appointed Sec. of State, and Obama, as we all sadly know, has zero experience in all areas of governance. So, with these jokers at the helm we attack Libya, a sovereign nation (of sorts), that poses no threat to our country and we do it with no Congressional authorization (the War Powers Act criteria isn't met by a mile) and dress it up with a quizzical array of explanations and excuses. We know nothing about the rag-tag rebels other than they are getting beaten, have no central control, training, communications or weaponry. We do know that Libya is a motley collection of competing tribes and a large part of the gripe against Gadhafi's regime centers on the fact that his tribe has been in power too long and suppressing the others. We also know that this so-called insurgency cannot even come close to succeeding without massive military assistance from us. We also have enough information to suggest that, if successful, the rebels may well turn out to be as bad or worse than Gadhafi. Can this be anymore amateurish? Naturally the 45-50% of the U.S. citizenry that are either Democratic diehards or too stupid to know better voice their support of this debacle. No doubt that the "coalition" (code word for 95% American-manned and financed) may well end occupying this rathole for years. Have we become a nation of fools?

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