Tuesday, October 5, 2010



What the new world of Obamacare will look like for US




Innovation, Experimentation, Invention, New concepts, new product

Leadership, Cooperation , positive organizations , charity , belief in self, family, positive outlook, God, morality, ethics, State , nation , Laws, public service will all be diminished or eliminated .


The endless spending will inevitably create staggering poverty and a survival mentality. Mobs will form spontaneously over food or clothing, necessities , shortages of housing , high prices, taxes, possession of people or objects by force will prevail , the sick will progress from acute to chronic and be excessed as unfit or of limited service to the state and hence expendable. The elderly, disabled, mentally ill and preborn will be given minimal care or none because they are an economic drain on the state. Chaos and conflict will be everyday events. Diseases not seen in 100 years will arise and not be treated while large percentages of the population die . A desperate survival mentality will divide even families. All this has happened before in History.

Extremism will be virtue and love will be laughted at. You will be tested to your very core and yet you will then get to know your God on intimate terms. In this nightmare your best friend will be your personal God who you will guide you to others who are His friends .

With faith in and prayer to your God and trust in His Love and guidance you will survive to serve Him as a member of the Remnant .

God willing, a rebound will restore to America the great opportunity for a rebirth of principles and a genuine bonding of citizens of good will to help each other reverse the evils of the Socialist HELL

Let US prepare for the worst yet pray and work for the best outcome.




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