Friday, December 18, 2009

Is the Republican Party An Endangered Species?

American history is littered with the carcases of dead political parties: Federalists, Whigs, KnowNothings, etc. As Americans become more disenchanted with the current two-party system, it may be time to fold the tent on the GOP. Admit it, Republicanism is a tainted brand that will never garner the support of any ethnic minority. This fact alone, coupled with the reality of changing ethnic demographics in the U.S.A., may relegate the GOP to a minority party permanently. As we now see, the Democrats are in the process of self-destruction by governing from the far-Left. But, as their poll numbers decline, the GOP's numbers are NOT increasing. The nascent "Tea Party" is garnering all the support - and deservedly so. Labeling the TP's as far-Right wackos is a big mistake. Most are regular middle-of-the-road Americans. Ideology is not paramount. What is important is recapturing, if not saving, the Republic from decades of abuse by the ruling class, both left and right. We either recognize this reality, or we are all doomed. The Tea Party movement should be embraced. Take the best from it and from the GOP and form a new party. The details of the political platform can be worked out. Can you imagine the excitement if the GOP made such a move? Writewing

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