Monday, December 7, 2009

Contact Vulnerable Dem Senators NOW !!

I spent a little time this evening sending e-mails to a number of Democrat senators up for re-election in 2010, namely:

Lincoln of AK
Dorgan of ND
Menendez of NJ, and
Nelson of FL

They all trail in their home state polling. My message was pithy, as follows:

"This is one Virginia family that will go out of their way to financially support your opponent in next year's election. Your spineless support of the travesty labeled "Healthcare Reform" clearly indicates that you have no regard for the well-being of your state or your country. The Senate will be much better off when you are voted out."

This is easy to do. Simply go to and pull up each senator's page and go to "Contact" and fill out the form for a message.

Pass this around, particularly to friends/relatives around the country. If they receive enough of these missives, one or two may cave in, as re-election victory is the most important thing to these creeps.

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