Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Palin is the Future

As I said earlier in a post plugging for her selection, Gov. Sarah Palin is a reformer and is the future of the GOP. I am delighted that she was selected. Nothing that I have learned in the last few days has changed my mind on this. If anyting, it simply underscores my firm belief that average ordinary americans will identify with her.

For now, though, a few points:

1) Sarah Palin is one of us. She is a principled, dedicated "good government" conservative. For that reason alone, she is deserving of our support.

2) Gov. Palin walks the walk. Lets not pretend that we live in a fantasy land where teenagers don't have sex. Please. They do and will no matter what anyone says. The left encourages abortion on demand as an easy way to take care of a teenage pregnancy. Conservatives encourage personal responsibility and alternatives to abortion. If Palin were a lefty, she probably would have wisked her daughter away for a secret abortion. Amen to her daughter for standing up and to her parents for providing the support and upbringing to make that kind of decision!

3) Why is two years as governor of the largest (land mass wise) state in the Union insufficient qualification to be Vice President? Did I mention that she was also a mayor, a member of City Council and a member of the powerful Alaska Oil & Gas Commission. Obama has been a non-consequential U.S. Senator for just about four years. His only executive experience was as the ED of some non-profit in Chicago.

4) Neither Palin nor McCain is a lawyer. Even though I am a lawyer, need I elaborate on this. Both Biden and Obama are lawyers, although Biden's practice has consisted of being a U.S. Senator and Obama's consisted of being a "civil rights lawyer." Obama has been unable to articulate a single noteworthy case in which he participated.

5) Can anyone seriously say that a Democrat, particularly a female democrat, would face this kind of vitriole from the press. Of course not.

6) Much like the Webb-Allen race brough out the more seedy anti-semetic element of the Democratic Party, this race will now illustrate why so many women have doubts about Obama. There are countless examples of the sexism in his campaign. As we all know, a double standard exists for African-American and female Republicans of note. Just ask Clarence Thomas, Condy Rice, Colin Powell and Mike Steele.

7) Remind everyone that Susan B. Anthony was a Republican and that President Woodrow Wilson supported Women's Suffrage only after he had been re-elected and it became clear where the country was heading. The vote to ratify the 19th Amendment in the U.S. Senate was 56 to 25, with 36 Republicans in favor and only 8 against. The Democrats were 20-17.

[UPDATE: OK, I'm being a little unfair to Obama. I forgot to mention his other Executive Experience. He was Editor-In-Chief of the Law Review. Sorry, Senator. I want to be fair.]

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