Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Think We Can Now Support McCain

With (1) the selection of Sarah Palin as VP, and (2) the anger of the McCain campaign at the mainstream media's biased reporting, those who are holding back their support for him can feel a lot better about his candidacy. Palin is clearly a political choice to attract on-the-fence voters from critical blocs, and is a positive signal to conservatives. She is not the most qualified candidate by any stretch, but she has more experience than "empty suit" Obama. I also think that McCain is angered at Dems, their spokepeople and the media for the constant barrage of attacks (which will only intensify). He may, in fact, finally understand that his bi-partisan gestures over the years count for nought with the Left. He has been, in my view, surprisingly naive on this point. As Rush points out accurately, the ONLY way to deal with the Left is to DEFEAT them.

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