Wednesday, August 20, 2008

While We Diddle, Putin Invades

I have been watching with incredulity the absence of strong U.S. and NATO reaction to Russia's invasion of Georgia. This is a test and we have so far failed miserably. Former Soviet republics and Warsaw Pact countries have already probably concluded that (1) they are a target also of the Russkies, and (2) the West will do nothing meaningful to protect them. We are willing to spend a billions and sustain thousands of casualties to free a countries where most either couldn't care less or hate us (Iraq & Afghanistan), while those who have sought our friendship and aid are left hanging in the wind. Condi Rice's performance was embarrassing in pushing Georgia into the bogus ceasefire. She is clearly out of her league as SecState. The President is totally out to lunch on this critical issue. State Dept. and CIA obviously caught asleep at the switch. There is no good news here. The only strong voice of disgust and support has come from McCain.
All Americans should be appalled.

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