Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin vs the Obamanites

 Sarah Palin reminds me of the strong pioneer women of early America, not the whining women of the modern feminist movement.  She is a great pick - and her conservative credentials are important to an American public increasingly frustrated by an unresponsive and all too often irresponsible government.  It is time that the people who work to pay the taxes and who live by the legal, moral and religious principles that made this country great have someone in Washington who has lived the middle class lifestyle and actually understands the concerns and needs of the middle class.  

In addition, it is clear that those who support Obama are part and parcel of the international socialist community and would like nothing better than to change America's democratic republic into a socialist republic.  Unfortunately, the history of socialism around the world is one of death and destruction, and even the most successful of current socialistic countries punish success and reward failure - the result being societal decline.  While it is more than a bit presumptuous to believe that the liberal secular socialist trends that adversely impact modern society can be arrested by a single person or single ticket, it is refreshing to see that the McCain-Palin ticket believes that real change and real reform are possible.

Let's all get energized and support McCain Palin in the real hope that government can be limited and made constitutional in nature, and that the inside the beltway mentality can be changed to focus on America first.

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