Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Case for Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska)

It has become more and more obvious to me that Gov. Sarah Palin is the best choice to serve as John McCain's running mate in the presidential election. The strongest arguments in favor of Gov. Palin are: She is young, attractive and articulate. She is pro-life. She apparently has a superb reputation in her own state as someone who is above reproach and is a corruption fighter. She has a teenage son fighting in Iraq. Her husband is a commercial fisherman. She can articulate and speak intelligently (so i'm told) on the energy issue. She will appeal to younger voters because she is "hip." She will appeal to Hillary Clinton's core voters--middle-age women--because she is one of them. And, because she has a teenage son in Iraq, she will blunt some of the more vitriolic anti-war stuff coming from the left.

The negatives: Fallout from Ted Stevens, etc. Even though there is no evidence that she has anything to do with that, she is a Republican in Alaska, and as such, will be linked with Stevens and Rep. Don Young. Her lack of experience in foreign affairs, etc.

[UPDATE: I'm not sure that I can state with certainty that Gov. Palin's son is in Iraq, but he is definitely in the Army. She also has four other children (three of whom are daughters), including the most recent addition to her family, her son Trig, born on April 18, 2008, who has been diagnosed with Down's Syndrome. This is a big plus for those who care the most about the life issue.]

[UPDATE 2: Check out this video and this article from Kathryn Jean Lopez at HRO.]

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