Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Phoney Lure of Universal Health Care

I just returned from a mini-vacation to Canada. While staying at a B&B there we met a couple from Toronto at breakfast. He's a retired school teacher (70% pension plus health care !!!) and she a nurse close to retirement. Anyway the husband lamented the state of Canadian universal health care. He cited one instance where his doctor suggested an MRI scan and placed him on a 3-month waiting list. Since the scan was important, he decided to pay for it out of his own pocket ($600). While in the U.S. seeing a physician there, the doctor apologized for having him wait 1/2 hour for the MRI !! He mentioned that Americans would be crazy to go down the path of govt.-run health care.

THE POINT: The above comments were unsolicited from Canadians who are obviously living off the largesse of the taxpayers (nobody receives a 70% pension in the U.S. except government people); but they are acutely aware of the failings of universal health care. Those who are considering supporting politicians who want universal health care should look, first, at their loved ones. Are you willing to sacrifice their health and maybe their lives for the chimera health care for everyone? Remember, the U.S. has the very best health care system in the world. The system may not work as well as desired (principally due to government interference in the marketplace). We can improve it, certainly; but, not by having Washington run it (name ONE govt. program that operates well, besides the military).

Think about it.

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