Sunday, May 25, 2008

Energy Policy and the GOP

What is with the GOP and its reluctance to take a sure winner on energy policy? Gasoline is $4.00/gallon and heading towards $6.00. Most Americans are fuming at the Federal Government for its inaction to solve this, other than holding meaningless Senate hearings.

McCain, the RNC, major GOP spokesmen should ALL be proposing that they have a plan to mitigate the energy problems that are now hitting home big time in the wallet of every American. Basically they should propose a coordinated effort to dramatically increase domestic energy production by opening up drilling in ANWR and of our coasts, increase coal and shale production, build nuclear plants ASAP, build new refinery capacity, etc. Create a new department within the Dept. of Energy, on the model of the Manhatten project in WWII, to develop those energy technologies that have the most promise and payoff in the quickest period.

Emphasize that we will be reducing imports from the obvious risk-laden sources like Chavez and the Middle East, and that the U.S.will become essentially energy independent in 5-10 years. I am certain that most Americans are now ready for this, except for the die-hard tree huggers.
We can do this!

("A state without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation." Edmund Burke)

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