Friday, March 7, 2008

Interesting Polling Data re: Virginia

Two new polls out from Survey USA contain fascinating polling information about the current state of the Presidential race. They have published maps which show McCain versus Obama and McCain versus Clinton. Both show an extremely close race. For a year in which Republicans were supposed to be doing so poorely, I am surprised that McCain is doing as well as he is.

But the Virginia data is truly fascinating. McCain beats Senator Clinton 50-40, but is only tied with Senator Obama 47-47. Senator Obama's fortunes are only partly due to his advantage among African American voters, 11 percent of whom still favor McCain in that matchup. Obama appears to be doing surprisingly well among those who make over $80,000 a year and is getting 15% of Republicans and a whopping 17% of Conservatives. I'd be surprised if either of those numbers holds up in November.

I realize that many Republicans and Conservatives claim that they will vote for Obama over McCain in protest. Why are they not going the same way in the matchup with Hillary? Does Clinton-hatred or Hillary-hatred trump McCain-hatred? If so, I wonder what these same folks will think when they learn more about Senator Obama.

There is much good news for the GOPs fortunes in VA, at least in the Presidential race, come November.

For those considering a vote for Obama....careful what you wish for.

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