Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Time To Get Serious

Well, President Nichol has today ensured himself some excellent press coverage of his retreat, one which doesn't, alas, include a much needed and wished for departure. He continues to show an ignorance of the requirements of leadership, an ignorance that put him in the condition he enjoys today.

Would that the GOP could (and would) summon up sufficient elemental common sense, abandon its current national circular firing squad and begin surveying a ton of very bleak demographic and voter preference prospects for November; both House and Senate as well as the top of the ticket. Rummy was correct in saying you go to war with the army you've got. Well, like it or not, we have a prospective nominee. I yield to no one on my misgivings about John Mc Cain. He is, however, the likely guy, like it or no. Endless debates on talk radio and elsewhere over who is or isn't a "real" conservative only prove our inability to "gut-up" and win. If you know your political history, you'll know that internescine doctrinal differences most often break out among losers. If we don't want to see Bambi Obama as President for 8 years and a congress that's 3/4 Democrat, we'd best get off the civil war death spiral; tell Rush and Sean to hush and go about developing ways to inform Americans that low marginal tax rates, support for businesses and a strong economy create jobs, strong foreign policy, defending the nation, and holding the line on (and cutting) spending are first principles of liberty and necessary for a nation that is, like it or not, at war.

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